Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Under the Dome S2 E5

Dear Diary,

How come I couldn't get one of those in high school? I always complained about lockers not being big enough back then, but I'll talk about that later. Let's start off with the fact that I stayed up all night camped out at Julia's house. I thought some action was going to go down, but the only action I saw was Sam getting a paper cut. These people can talk for hours, which put me right to sleep.

By the time I woke up, Barbie was there talking to Julia about Melanie and how Sam lied about not knowing her. They also talked about the virus. Apparently, Barbie never planned on killing anyone. Well thanks for not letting anyone else in on your plan Barbie. But still, why didn't he tell Julia what he was up to?

So I just learned that there are a bunch of conspirators in Chester's Mill today. I don't understand how anyone could be on Jim's side. The virus could have killed anyone even the people that support him unless they know for a fact that they have the best immune system in the world, they had a 50/50 shot of making it.

Oh Julia, don't you know? Saying "stay" to teenagers is equivalent to telling them don't ever come back. I decided to follow the kids today on there little adventure. But first I decided to see how Big Jim was in his new home. Man was b*tching so much I didn't even need to go downstairs to hear his conversation. I'll sum it up for you, Diary.

Jim: Where's my water? Where's my food? I'm hungry.
Rebecca: You're hungry because of science
Jim: This is all your fault. You talked me into this and you didn't even give me the virus.
Rebecca: I told you it's because of science.
Jim: They're out for our blood.
Rebecca: I put my blood, sweat and tears into science.

The town meeting was a joke. This one woman clearly did not know the definition of voluntary because she told us she didn't want to share her food. Umm, okay lady, then don't. No one's forcing you to. She must be one of the conspirators. Someone gets shot. It's a sad day when this no longer affects me. The DJ did it with a gun and lost his badge because of it. Finally, the DJ can go back to being a DJ, but not for long since he tried to kill people. What kind of Sheriff were you? (More on this later.)

When I caught up with the kids, Melanie was touching the Dome, but nothing happened. I was about to leave when I heard Joe say, "I've defended you a lot, but sometimes you're a real bitch." You know I had to stay after that. Melanie kissed Joe and Joe was kissing back. But I wan't the only who was watching it. Norrie was having none of it. Girl actually started a cat fight. This was getting too good, but then Joe said, "I've got an idea." Are you thinking what I'm thinking Joe? If you speak French you do. But apparently, Joe isn't fluent at all because they ended up back at the school. So this was a bust.

I headed back into town and heard about the explosion and wanted to help out. Julia was watching Andrea very closely. Eventually, Julia followed Andrea home and I have to say it was not easy keeping up with a car. I almost died. Anyway, it turns out Andrea's husband was a conspirator as well, but even more than that he was a conspirator with hoarding skills. Food for everyone!

Turns out DJ was behind the explosion. Why did he have to use fire? Doesn't he know how hard it was to extinguish the first fire under the Dome. Think man, think. I guess because of these conspirators, Julia decided to let Big Jim and Rebecca go free for the greater good of this town. She is way too nice.

During our Thanksgiving dinner, Joe pulls Norrie aside. I knew this teen drama wasn't over yet. I overheard Joe tell Norrie that he loved her. I also heard Norrie tell Joe to go tell his side h*e the same thing because she'll actually fall for that line. Trouble in paradise. But I say good for her. Joe did wrong and Norrie shouldn't forgive him just because he said those 3 words. But it does seem like paradise for Barbie and Julia is back to normal again.

The meal was delicious and as I was going back for seconds (I know, I'm selfish), when I saw Melanie talking to Rebecca. That's not good. Rebecca left and went to her lab. I swear the lab is like her bat cave. Anyway, a noise came from the hallway. She went to investigate and I followed from a distance. It was Junior and Sam trying to open the locker with Angie's blood hand print on it. Why they haven't washed that yet? I don't know. But when it was opened it was no longer empty but a huge dugout hole. Again I say, why couldn't my locker be this big when I was in high school?

Luv ya,

P.S. How the hell did Lyle dig this huge tunnel by himself in a day without anyone noticing?

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