Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finding Carter S1 E1

Dear Diary,

When did teenagers become so much trouble? Maybe it was always like this and I was just the good child. Toby told us to wait outside of the house to get an interview. Linda, I mean Carter, was outside for like 10 seconds before she was rushed into the house. I had to get my scoop somehow so I decided to do what I do best. Stalk her.

It's not everyday you get to see a girl go back to a family she can't remember having and boy was that awkward. The little brother takes the cake though. He's just super funny (I try not to laugh while I'm stalking, but it was super hard). At least, she still has that stonehead friend with benefits, so she's not completely alone (she may have caught the cop, but she didn't catch me).

Back at the house, her real mom is already telling her lies. Not a good way to start out, mother. However, there was a nice bonding moment with the twins that was nice to see, which was somewhat ruined by her new sister calling her a slut, but a bit redeemed when Carter denied Gabe. It was nice to see Taylor drink it up though. You know you have a good father when he says, "It's okay, she's just drunk". At the end of the night, Carter calling out Mrs. Wilson on her control issues was nice to witness. Even I was saying she needed to chill out.

Am I surprised Carter used social media to try to find her "mom"? No. Am I surprised she mentioned Facebook? Yes. She really must be desperate. I didn't know the situation was that dire for her. Nice to see that not everyone is slow to come to this conclusion. I knew I would like her little brother Grant.

While everyone was slurping it up, I decided to leave because I just couldn't take it anymore. There are only so many teenagers I can handle all at one. Besides Carter wasn't going anywhere so I decided to stalk the mother. Turns out Elizabeth is not only lying to Carter, but also to the rest of her family. Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. And apparently she's sharing that pumpkin with Gabe's father.

Carter is just so confused. It's like Beauty and the Beast all over again.

Luv ya,

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