Monday, July 7, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (1)

Rumi: This place is huge! Why would mom ever want me to go here? I don’t get it. I don’t belong in a place like this and I’m pretty sure that I’m lost right now. Great, first day of school and I have no clue where I am. Am I even in the right school? Why do these girls have different uniforms than me?
Sakiko:  You came through the wrong gate.
Rumi: Huh?
Sakiko: Wrong gate. Masters enter over there. This is the Servants’ entrance. And you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? You do attend St. Catherine, right?
Rumi: I’m wearing the same uniform as you, aren’t I? Today is my first day.
Sakiko: First year student, right? Same here. All first years start today. My name is Omori Sakiko.
Rumi: I’m Otaka Rumi. Thanks for telling me. At first, I thought I came to the wrong school. So this is the Servants’ side, huh? Even for an elite school, they sure do have a lot of maids.
Sakiko: We don’t call them maids here. They’re Servants and their also students. They go here as well.
Rumi: Wait, what?
Sakiko: You don’t know a thing about this school, do you?
Rumi: Like I said first day.
Sakiko: It’s mine too. I mean, everyone knows about this school.
Rumi: Does it help if I said that I’m new in town?
Sakiko: That would explain a lot of things. Let me break it down for you. St. Catherine is an all girls’ school that has two types of students. The first are the Masters—that’s us. They’re your average rich kids, who have endless amount of money and can do no wrong in society’s eyes. And then there are the others, the Servants. For a lot of them, this is a dream come true. Not just anyone can come to a prestigious high school such as this.
Rumi: So how can they afford it?
Sakiko: They can’t. For Servants, it’s free to them as long as they pass the test and work for us Masters to pay off their debt. In return, we pay a little bit more to the school for their services and have a private helper for all our years. It’s a win-win for everyone even for the school. Either way, St. Catherine still gets the best of the best.
Rumi: Okay so I can just walk up to any Servant and say, “Be my Servant” and that’s it?
Sakiko: Whoa! It is not that easy. I mean there is a ceremony involved and the person has to know you at least. You can’t just walk up to somebody and say, “Will you be my Servant?” That’s like asking someone to marry you. You just can’t run up to a random person and ask. Both parties have to agree.
Rumi: A ceremony, huh?
Sakiko: Yea, it’s that serious. Actually, that’s why I’m here. I’m scoping for potential Servants.
Rumi: I was wondering that. Find any that you like?
Sakiko: A few, but right now it could be anyone.
Rumi: Well how can you tell the difference between those that have Masters already and those that don’t?
Sakiko: Those who do wear their Master’s stone around their neck.
Rumi: Wow! That girl is beautiful and her eyes are something else entirely. Even the world wouldn’t be able to describe the beauty I see before my eyes. And yet, there is something vaguely familiar about her. Sakiko, since you know everything, who is that girl over there?
Sakiko: Which girl?
Rumi: The one over… … … where did she go?
Sakiko: She probably headed in and we should too. The opening ceremony is about to begin.
Rumi: Crap, I forgot to check to see if she had a stone around her neck.
Sakiko: Well you really shouldn’t worry about it that much. Judging your Servants based on looks wouldn’t get us anywhere anyways. Mostly everyone bases them on grades.
Rumi: Ugh grades! School in general is something I just want to say no to.
Sakiko: Well get used to saying yes because grades will decide on everything for you here, especially your Servant.
Rumi: Really? Why’s that?
Sakiko: Oh there is so much for you to learn and so much I have to teach and so little time. No seriously, like no time at all, start sprinting or we’ll be late. 

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