Monday, July 7, 2014

Will You Be My Servant (2)

Rumi: Okay, so let me get this straight. My grades determine my position among the first years and the better the grades, the higher the position.
Sakiko: Yes! And you want a higher position because they choose their Servants first.
Rumi: In descending order.
Sakiko: Right!
Rumi: Okay! Now I get it. And now I know that I’m totally screwed. I was never good with tests in middle school and I don’t think I’ll start to be now.
Sakiko: The school year just started. Don’t seal your fate. We can do this. Well, I can do this, but I’m pretty sure you can too. Who knows maybe you’ll get that number one spot.
Rumi: Thanks for the support, but let’s be realistic.
Sakiko: Yea, you’re right. You are screwed.
Rumi: Hey!
Sakiko: What? You said be realistic and I barely know you. You could be as dumb as Fujimoto Itoe for all I know. The girl over there. She went to the same middle school as me. I swear, her parents made a deal with the wolves to raise her and brought her back when too many people started asking questions. That’s why anytime you try to talk to her she growls at you with the occasional grunts in between.
Rumi: Realistic huh?
Sakiko: I am being realistic that’s what she does. The wolves part… well, okay that was more of my doing. More specifically, my big mouth spreading it, but in my defense, it made sense to people. Ever since, she’s had it out for me.
Rumi: First of all, I don’t blame her and second, how can you tell she has it out for you if she doesn’t speak?
Sakiko: She may not be able to talk but her eyes say everything it needs to. And anytime I look at her or even glance her way she gives me that evil eye stare. I’m just waiting for her to make her move. I thought I was safe when it didn’t happen last year, but then I saw her at the ceremony and knew my life would still be in danger. Wh… what are you doing!?
Rumi: I’m going to go introduce myself.
Sakiko: Do you want to be on her hit list? Don’t do it.
Rumi: Maybe she’s over it. Besides, this is a new school for both of us; we need to start anew.
Sakiko: Oh I get it. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
Rumi: That’s not what I… you know what that is what I meant… yea… let’s go with that.
Sakiko: Okay, I’ll just stand behind you. And use you as a shield.
Rumi: What?
Sakiko: Nothing.
Rumi: Hello, my name is Otaka Rumi and I guess you already know Sakiko.
Itoe: grrr…
Rumi: ha… ha… ha. You weren’t kidding.
Sakiko: I told you.
Rumi: Well, this was a pleasant conversation. I just wanted to introduce myself and now that I have I’ll be taking my leave. Whatever you do, do not look back.
Sakiko: Oh god, she smiled.
Rumi: I told you not look back!
Sakiko: Rumi, watch out!
Rumi: Ow!
Megumi: Ouch! Watch where you’re going!
Rumi: I’m sorry! You’re right. I didn’t see you there.
Megumi: You’re lucky you’re a Master, but apparently not a good one especially if you’re hanging around with this one.
Sakiko: Megumi that’s not fair. We used to hang out with each other.
Megumi: And as you can see I decided to choose my friends more carefully and I obviously made the right decision. Not just anyone can be friends with me.
Rumi: If this is how you act, then we don’t need to be friends. In fact, Sakiko and I… I… … I…
Megumi: Sakiko and you what? Finish your thought already. Unlike you, my time is precious.
Rumi: Sakiko, that’s the girl.
Sakiko: What girl?
Rumi: The girl from this morning, that’s her. I wasn’t just making it up. She really is that beautiful.
Megumi: Hahaha……… you’re funny.
Rumi: What’s so funny?
Megumi: For you to even think that she could be your Servant, well that’s just hysterical, isn’t it? She’s mine or at least she will be when the time comes to ask her. And even if I didn’t set my eyes on her, she would still be way out of your league.
Rumi: What’s that suppose to mean?
Sakiko: Rumi, let’s just leave.
Megumi: Rumi, easy to remember and yet, not worth remembering. Listen to your friend; she’s giving you good advice. Leave the competition to the actual Masters and set your gazes somewhere else. Sakiko, make sure I never see her in my path again. You can at least do that for an old friend, right? Don’t play a game when you have no idea what’s at stake or even who’s your competition.
Sakiko: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the witch is gone.
Rumi: How were you two friends before?
Sakiko: Yea, I’m still trying to figure out that myself. She’s the one who told me about Itoe and the wolf pack. I guess her evilness started then. I should have seen it coming.
Rumi: Wait, what did Megumi mean when she said she’s out of my league?
Sakiko: Okay, you know already about how important our grades are; well it’s the same thing for Servants. Masters can distinguish who’s the best from their grades. So whoever holds the number one spot will be pursued by all Masters, at least the ones who know they have a chance with her.
Rumi: Ahh! Why is it even set up like this!?
Sakiko: Remember when I said Servants help you? Well they also help themselves by helping you.
Rumi: I don’t get it.
Sakiko: If a Servant helps you into a great university, then they also go there on a full scholarship. Your grades don’t seal your fate, your Servant does. Or maybe your grades do since everyone relies on them so much, but then again that doesn’t mean………
Rumi: Sakiko!
Sakiko: What I’m trying to tell you is Megumi was first in our class. She doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants and if she set her eyes on that girl, then she’s as good as hers.
Rumi: I can’t accept that.
Sakiko: Why not? You’ve seen the girl twice and you don’t even know her name.
Rumi: I know. I know but…
Sakiko: Is it a pride a thing? Did she step on your territory?
Rumi: It’s not like that. It’s more like……… I know………it has to be her. It’s a weird feeling.
Sakiko: I see you’re determined, but it’s not going to be easy. Megumi is smart and there are several other Masters who are just like her and just as ambitious. And if Megumi is going after her, then they will too.
Rumi: Then I’m just going to have to work twice as hard then.
Sakiko: More like ten times. You need all the help you can get. 

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