Thursday, August 7, 2014

Extant S1 E5

Dear Diary,

Did I fall asleep? I had the weirdest dream, but more importantly how did I end up in these woods? I remember Molly at some place, but I can't remember anything after that. I could barely move, but I could see Molly and Ethan being helped by the paramedics. Then they up and left me. Umm...hello. I'm kind of dying here too. These b*itches! They left me out again!

I made my way to the hospital on my own. Thanks for the help guys (sarcasm at its finest). As I was making my way to my room, I overheard Molly's doctor tell John and her that she was never pregnant. Obviously, this doctor sucks at his job because she's definitely pregnant. I saw it with my own two eyes. There was also a discussion of Molly with her father about her sample test having an error. I know the doctor told them to stay overnight, but you know that wasn't going to happen. I wish I could get stitched up before I leave. It's not an easy life for a nosy neighbor.

I followed them to Sam's house. Most likely Molly is looking for a person to tell her she's not going crazy and I could have been that person, if they didn't leave me to die. When we got there, I overheard Sam saying she wasn't pregnant. "They better have a gun to your head." I like this side of Molly.

Onward to Yosumoto Tower, where we find out Ethan is in a computer coma. Here's a suggestion for the future. If you're going to have a heart to heart, the stairwell is probably not the best place to have it. However for my case, it was a front row seat to hear everything. "Everything I know about this pregnancy, I know from you. And we both know you've been hallucinating." Basically, girl got up and left after that. Later, John laid down the law with Julie. No, Julie tell me how you really feel about the whole adoption thing. Something is very off about her.

Back at the house, John got to kiss Molly after admitting he didn't want to lose her. Totally not fair. Anyway, Molly had a brilliant idea about how her father's dog bit her on the hand and that they should test the blood on the rag. Back to hospital then. Maybe I can get stitched up this time.

Again, a car parked where anyone can pass by, although public, not a very good place to have this discussion. But I guess now I'm going to be following Molly the undercover agent, who apparently found some type of energy.

Ethan comes back on out of his coma and John and Molly realize something about what she saw up in space. I'll report more next time Diary.

Luv ya,

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