Thursday, August 14, 2014

Extant S1 E6

Dear Diary,

What kind of screensaver is that? I don't think I would ever want a hand trying to feel for bright blue lights as my screensaver. I'm just saying. All of a sudden Ethan was screaming so loud I could hear it over the fence. Boy acts like that was the first nightmare he ever had. And why do humanoids need to eat? I just want to know.

While John wasn't looking, I decided to take the sound recorder from Ethan's other ear, so it's easier to track Molly. Am I a genius or what? I noticed Molly bug Sam. Now this is what I call true friendship, bugging your friend because you want the truth. I wish I could do this to all my friends, you know, if I had any. I can't stalk and make friends at the same time. But at least Molly knows the truth about Sam now. Technically not a gun to her head, but Molly forgives her anyway.

Kryger, where have you been? I swear, you haven't been seen for quite sometime. Ethan can't you draw a rainbow like every little kid? And boy if you keep hitting the marker like that, you'll lose the marker. Oh Julie, ever heard of side-step h*e. John totally side-stepped you, h*e. Better luck next time.

Anyway, back to Kryger. Molly finally meets up with him to discuss that ugly ass symbol. He gives her an encrypted code that Ethan figures out in seconds. The student has now become the master. Sparks's daughter is hot, but more importantly he covered up his daughter's death and used Molly as bait. More later Diary.

Luv ya,

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