Saturday, August 2, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (13)

Sakiko: They’re back!
Sensei: You two have a lot of explaining to do and it better be good! Come with me!
Sakiko: They are going to get it.
Anika: Did they come in together?
Sakiko: That doesn’t mean anything. Don’t feel bad about it.
Anika: The only thing I feel is determination to have Master Rumi to myself.
Sakiko: Finally, you came back to our room. I thought she held you captive.
Rumi: I’m pretty sure she was thinking about it.
Sakiko: What’s your punishment?
Rumi: It’s not that bad. I just have to do more chores than anyone else. I think she went easy on us because she didn’t want to call our parents and say she lost us.
Sakiko: Another sweep under the rug.
Rumi: Sakiko, about this morning—
Sakiko: I want to say something first. I’m not going to give up Natsue because I know my heart will reach her and we will be paired together as one!
Rumi: I’ll support you.
Sakiko: Huh?
Rumi: You had faith in me when I didn’t have faith in myself and now look at me. I just spent a night with Kimiko and she’s agreed to help me study and I wish the rain would never end and—
Sakiko: STOP! Back up, agreed to help you study? Tell me what happened tonight including every little detail.
Rumi: Well it all started when I saw this ghost—
Sakiko: Aha! I told you there was a ghost! I saw it too!
Rumi: Actually Sakiko…
Sakiko: What?
Rumi: You were actually right for once.
Sakiko: You paused. Was it really that hard for you to admit I was right for once? Well get used to it because I am never wrong.
Rumi: How did your plan for Natsue work out?
Sakiko: You just had to ruin my victory didn’t you?
Megumi: Kimiko, wait!
Kimi: Did you wait outside my door for me this whole time?
Megumi: Where did you go and don’t tell me you lost your way because you told me beforehand that you knew those woods like no other.
Kimi: I didn’t get lost. I just needed to clear my head.
Megumi: You could have done that without Rumi’s help.
Kimi: I didn’t meet Master Rumi until we were outside the forest. We probably left our hiding places at the same time.
Megumi: But you’re alright?
Kimi: Yea I’m fine. I found this little place I used to hideout in and stayed there until the rain was over. You really shouldn’t worry about Master Rumi so much.
Megumi: I know that now. She’s no longer a threat to me anymore.
Kimi: Besides, she’s determined to be with Anika.

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