Friday, September 26, 2014

Scorpion Pilot Review

Hey People,

Okay so I just finished Scorpion. Yes, I know very late with it, but I'm making my way through the reviews. So before I adventured into this show. I decided to take a peek at what people were saying about it. Most were very positive and even saying it was just as good as Gotham and so I thought okay, maybe this show has some legs to stand on. When I finished, I came to the conclusion that it was better than I originally thought (I didn't think much of it to be honest), but it also wasn't as great as people were making it. Let me explain.

Summary: A bunch of geniuses get together to help out the government, but they need help communicating with the non-geniuses in the world. That's where diner girl comes into play. Her son is a genius, so a deal is made. She helps them communicate with the world and they help her communicate with her son.

Now I wasn't too thrilled with the premise even after I found out it's based on a true story, but as you should know by now, I give every show a shot. Okay here's the thing about this episode, now maybe I missed something while watching that someone can tell me later, but why didn't they just land the plane? I know the planes couldn't land because they were afraid of crashing into another one (so did they just circle the whole time? And how does circling avoid crashing into another plane?), but when they did get in contact with that one plane why didn't they direct them to land and then get the old software? Instead they did that ridiculous plane and car connection cord thing.

Also there was something I read that was true and I agreed with this comment. If one of them is a world-class shrink, then why isn't he the one communicating for them? Obviously, he can talk to average people so that doesn't really make sense either.

Now if we want to talk about characters, there's really not that much to say. What the agent said in the premiere basically covered who they are. But as for the diner chick, I thought she was straight up annoying. Anytime she added in her two cents, I wanted to say, "Mind your business." Yes of course, I agreed with what she was saying for the most part, but she seriously stuck her nose into everything.

Cast: This cast isn't huge but it does have some goodies. We have Elyes Gabel (The Game of Thrones), Katherine McPhee (American Idol, Smash),  oldie but goodie Robert Patrick (Terminator 2--he used to scare me so much in that movie back in the day), and Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Pie movies--I have still yet to finish the 1st one). Jadyn Wong and Ari Stidham are newbies.

Judgement: It's still too early to tell; however, knowing that it's a procedural is not working in it's favor. The only reason I'm giving it another shot is because it was better than what I expected and it's a different kind of procedural. We'll see what happens.

Diary: Still not sure if I'm fully committed to this show, so no dairy.

Luv ya,

P.S. I really hate the fact this show has a slash before its name. I'm anti-slash.

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