Friday, February 6, 2015

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S3 E4
Damn it Banshee, I am getting sick and tired of you leaving me on cliffhangers. Last time it was Siobhan finding out and now it's a killing spree at the Cadi. Just please don't leave me on another one tonight.

Carrie was a free spirit last week and basically did a bunch of nothing. She quit her job and just roamed for a bit. Deva was quite busy as she ended up stealing a game for her brother. I was upset that she did it, but proud at the same time. Welcome to the family business!

Sugar and Job completed the first step to their heist, but the heist might be on hold since Hood says he's leaving, but with everything that is happening at the Cadi, I doubt it. I wish he did end up killing Proctor.

Proctor is being prosecuted again since Gordon got right and changed his mind. He's sitting in jail. Maybe a flying bullet can kill him, but that would be so unsatisfying.

Siobhan decided not to turn over Hood, but she wants Hood gone from her life and out of Banshee. I was just starting to like them too. Hood and Carrie seem like friends now. Just look at the way they said goodbye to each other.

The Native Indians are ready to strike back against Proctor and I say let them take each other out.

S1 E3
Cole needs information about the doctor that got away from the massacre that crazy lady did on her peers. He goes back to the year 2014.

In 2014, Railly is in Haiti trying to prevent a virus from spreading. She thinks this might be the virus that starts the end of the world, but in the end, it was just river fever. Railly freaked out and decided they should kill anyone who leaves the quarantine. Girl seemed really off her meds. It was sad how Cole telling her what will happen affected her life.

Cole found the doctor and avoided Railly to prevent any different future outcomes with her. The pale guy with the hat was there to find out about The Night Room. Cole gave him the scare he has in 2015. This obviously means he's done this before and therefore nothing will change in the year 2043. They need to do something drastically different to change the course. Anyway when Cole got the info from the doctor, he knew the doctor wouldn't make it off the island since military were waiting to kill him, so Cole had to kill him first. I'm guessing he killed him so The Night Room would remain a secret from the pale guy. I like how dark Cole is, but simultaneously, he's trying to do the good of the world.

Back in 2043, a girl named Max finds Ramse. Max used to run with Ramse and Cole before Ramse and Cole split. She tells Ramse that she left The West 7, but what he doesn't know is she's still with them and they're coming to the facility.

S2 E3
Day 3

I'm not going to lie. I had to replay the beginning of last week's episode since when I watching I kept thinking she wasn't doing what I thought she was doing and then when she removed her glove that confirmed it for me. I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying so I had to rewind.

So Kyle gets beat up by children while Sarah and Peter go back for the ship samples they left at the shack where the dead girl is no longer. There, an infected man tries to eat them, but what else is new? They know they can't trust the people on the island and so they decided they need Alan's help.

30 years in the future, Hiroshe is rocking long hair. Long hair, don't care. He captures Julia and drugs her to find out the truth of why she's there. She admits she's still working for the immortals and that she's dying and looking for a cure. Hiroshe decides to help, but first they feast. Julia screams her head off when she sees her dead mother and brother sitting at the table with her.

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