Thursday, March 12, 2015

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Hey People,

S2 E14
Just when I think I'm done with this show, it just pulls me back in.

Number-of-the-week: We find ourselves dealing with people who have too much money and therefore waste it on crap and people. The King family has been rich for 200 years. Quick tidbit I did not know: by the 3rd generation 90% of the wealth is gone. You know what that means? Rich people really can become poor. Anyway, our team is sent to stop an auction of selling people and crap that the Kings hold. Money must do weird things to people because the father had his two sons dueling it out on who would be left with everything by letting them play Russian Roulette after every auction with the loser pointing a gun to their head and pulling the trigger. By the end of it, one of the sons should have died, but since the proceeding was interrupted by Red and Liz, it never happened. Instead, the father gets the bullet when Red takes the gun from the son and pulls the trigger. What are the odds that the father was going to get killed? 1/6

Red and Liz had a sweet moment. I'll sum it up for you.

Liz: When someone saves your ass, you should say thank you
Red: Thank you
Liz: You're welcome
Red: Never do it again, you dumb biddy

My version may not be sweet, but it was a nice moment because Liz admits that she cares for Red and in his own way Red admits he cares for her since he didn't want her risk her life to save his.

As for Cooper, well man isn't doing so good. He has days to live with a huge tumor in his head and I'm not really sure if he's really going to make it next season unless the treatment miraculously saves him which is possible in this show. Since Cooper's friend helped him get into the trial, the friend is now asking for favors. Shut that down Cooper! You don't owe him anything. Getting into the trial was so you could live, not so you could serve him.

In other news, Tom is back and boy do I wish he wasn't. My least favorite scene was Tom and Liz talking about going undercover and Tom telling Liz some pointers. I really don't understand how she could have had that conversation. It should have gone like this.

Liz: Hello
Tom: It's me
Liz: [click]

I hope the writers don't put them back together. I don't know how that would ever work and there's no way in hell Red would allow it, which makes me love Red even more.

Luv ya,

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