Thursday, March 26, 2015

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S2 E16
Someone should give me a medal. I hit that theory right on the money. It's been almost 2 months since I wrote my theory and last week it was proven to be correct. It was heavily implied that Red did in fact kill Liz's father and has been protecting her out of guilt ever since. But the chat he has with Liz also reveals that Red can never replace what he took away from Liz. I love how the show made Liz, a Red. Now maybe Liz will understand why Red chose her and why whatever she may say to him will never make him go away.

So usually I'm always rooting for Tom Keen to get killed, but he may be starting to grow on me, not much, but just a smudge. I'm still not down for the Keens to get back together, but I don't mind him lurking around. Something tells me Liz will never get over Tom murdering an innocent man even if it was for her benefit. Yes, Red kills, but he kills other baddies. Tom taking an innocent's life will always stay with her even though she didn't directly kill the guy. Liz setup a scholarship for the victim's daughter, but as Red said, "it's just a nice gesture".

I'm wondering what Tom will do now that his undercover gig has be blown or maybe I should say shot up to death.

In other news, Cooper's brain tumor is decreasing in size so the trial is working. It's not like I was worried that he would die, but it would be bold if the show went there.

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