Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Hey People,

I have to make this statement: every woman should always be awoken like that every morning. That is all.

Jamie is still seeking his freedom and tries to get the help of The Duke, who has a fondness of boys. Nothing wrong with that. Claire using her future knowledge blackmails The Duke to help Jamie or she'll make it known that he takes Jacobite gold. The Duke will help out Jamie as long as he wins a duel for him, to which, he does and so The Duke will help Jamie with his predicament.

I love Geillis because she was so smart and keen on figuring out who Claire actually was, but once she said she was Dougal's lover, I lost respect for her. She can do so much better. Anyway, I'm not sure if Dougal and Geillis had his wife and husband killed or if they both just kill Geillis's husband after Dougal's wife passed. She did die from an illness so I'll go with the latter. Either way, they are both dead and Geillis and Dougal think they can be together now, but Colum makes sure that they don't. Colum sends Dougal away to separate him from Geillis and now Geillis (without a husband) is vulnerable to Colum's wrath of killing her husband. Jamie must go with Dougal to make sure he stays in line and to make sure Jamie follows orders, Claire must remain behind. And so our 2 lovebirds are separated.

Laoghaire admits putting the ill wish under Claire's bed, thinking Jamie is still hers and Claire must have to get him drunk before they have sex. Claire smacks the shit out of her and it was loud too. Laoghaire decides to get vicious and even by setting up Claire to be there when Geillis gets arrested for witchcraft and so I guess by association Claire is arrested as well. Laoghaire is a bitch. But damn it, why can't Claire listen to Jamie? He said stay away Claire!

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P.S. I just watched tonight's episode and it's definitely one you don't want to miss.

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