Thursday, April 30, 2015

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S2 E19
This is all you need to know that happened last week. No surprise that the group was behind Red being shot because they knew once Fitch was shot that Red didn't have the fulcrum. Red already has a medical team just in case. I really don't understand where he gets these people from. What if he was on the other side of the US? What then? When it comes to travel time TBL sucks. Anyway, Red gets his medical team, but the place was compromised and a doctor ended up dead and so Red had to be moved and Liz apparently couldn't think of anywhere else to go other than Tom's new place. Really, Liz? And why hasn't this man gone on a boat yet? I thought we were going to get rid of him. Liz calls an ex-boyfriend, who I'm guessing she cheated on with Tom. He does the surgery for money (I guess love wasn't enough) and of course, that was no problem.

Dembe asks Liz to get the decipher from a house that Liz can't tell Red she was ever there. What's with this house? Is it Red's home (a house and home are different people)? Anyway, before Red went into surgery he asked Liz to find this random ass guy who happens to be the number-of-the-week. He finds Liz at the house and he apparently built the code for the fulcrum. Liz now knows what's on the fulcrum. All we saw was a bunch of pictures. They must be seeing something I'm not. Red makes it through surgery, but the bad guys are coming. Liz goes to the direct source and tells him to call off his men or she'll release the fulcrum to the press. Now he knows Red wasn't bluffing and he backs down. Liz gives him the fulcrum and says she made copies. Why not give him a copy and keep the original? Girl makes no sense.

After all was said and done, Red tells Liz that he did hire Tom, but to only be there as a friend and when he started being intimate with Liz, he fired him. Tom went to Berlin so he could continue the charade and be protected from Red at the same time. I still don't like Tom so I really don't care. Liz now wants to know everything about Red, especially when she finds that picture of her and I'm guessing her father in that house. $10 says Red will notice the picture out of place. She asks Tom for help and I'm just thinking to myself when are we going to get rid of this guy.

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