Saturday, May 2, 2015

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S1 E12
So not much really happened last week, which is probably why most of you hated it. It definitely was the worst episode to date, but at least we knew it wouldn't stay boring after seeing how last week ended.

I wish we could hear more of Claire describing to Jamie what the future was like. It was fun hearing her describe planes to him. I want more. We meet Jenny, Jamie's sister, and her husband. I wasn't too fond of the girl, but after watching tonight's episode, she definitely grew on me. She's just headstrong. Jenny describes what happens to her after Jamie was knocked out the first time he meets Black Jack. When in a rape, laugh at the guy's dick. It worked for her. I've never seen a show do this before. It was interesting/weird to watch because it was a rape scene and all I kept saying was "Girl, why are you laughing? He is trying to rape you!" In the end, she didn't get raped, so I guess it worked. I was shocked when we found out Jamie also could have been raped by Black Jack to pardon his illegalities. Did not see that coming at all. Jamie said no and this led to his 2nd brutal flogging. Jamie's father couldn't stand to see his son, literally. That's how Jamie's father died.

Claire learned when in Rome do as Romans do and Jamie learned to stop being an ass (although I didn't really think he was acting much like one). The big takeaway from this episode is Claire and Jamie saying they love each other. Jamie fell for Claire the 1st episode, but he didn't start loving her until the 2nd, when Claire wept in front of him. Aww. But the nice moment didn't last long because the next day, Jamie had a gun in his face.

Tonight's episode picks up where it left off. You learn a secret Claire has been hiding from Jamie and an old "friend" comes back to cause havoc for Jamie. This episode is definitely not boring and it'll leave you wanting to see what happens next. Don't they all? Almost forgot, the baby is coming!

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