Thursday, May 14, 2015

Forever Series Finale Review

Hey People,

It's sad to write series finale because I totally want to write season 1 finale, but I still haven't heard of anyone picking this show up even with a petition going on. If any network could save this show it would be the CW because Warner Brothers owns the show and they own half of the network, but nope, nothing so far. While I could write about my sadness over losing this show, instead I will write about the almost satisfying ending. Yes, I said almost because there was one thing I really wanted to see, but I'll get to that later.

This finale was pretty solid for the most part. We got to see Adam's true intention on finding Henry. Who would of thought it was because he was too much of a bitch to test his own theory on himself. No, let me get someone who's also an immortal, torment the crap out of them, threaten to kill anyone in his life that he cares about, find the weapon that first killed him, give said weapon to him to use it on himself, and if he doesn't, then I'll pull the the trigger on him myself. Like I said, he's a bitch. I am confused on how Adam got Henry's gun. Did Adam never give Henry the right gun or did he take it out of the safe? I'm going to go with the latter since Abe did say he went out for a bit and I was wondering by the end of the episode how he knew Henry would show up in the river.

Seriously, having John Noble (Fringe) on a show automatically makes me like the episode. It was a delightful surprise and one I enjoyed very much. I'm pretty sure he was the bad guy in the episode since he killed the girl for the dagger, but for some reason I just didn't see him as one. Maybe it's because Noble has an effect on me. We didn't even get to see Jo handcuff the man so I was just a bit confused.

Now even though John Noble was in the episode, he was not the best part. The best part was the flashback. I knew Abigail was important to Henry because she accepted him for what he was, but I didn't get how important until this episode. We already knew what happened when Henry tried to tell his first wife, but seeing how Abigail reacted with such compassion for Henry really brought the point home that Abigail was very special, even more special than Henry's immortality because no explanation was needed. She just understood.

This kind of dives into my next point of why this finale was almost satisfying and I only need to mention one word--Jo. I saw how Henry's 1st wife reacted, and in this episode I saw how his 2nd wife reacted, but I was robbed of Jo's reaction. I really, really, really wanted Jo to see Henry disappear. I was robbed of this scene and I thought it was very important scene to be robbed of. Witnessing Jo's reaction is crucial because we get to see what type of girl she'd be to Henry. We all know where their relationship would have headed. I actually like the fact that they didn't rush the relationship along even while knowing the show wasn't doing so well. We didn't get a kiss (which I am okay with), but we did get a special moment between them expressing what they meant to each other, some expressing more than others, but still, it was a nice moment. Jo telling Henry he made her feel again was a great start of them becoming more, but Jo's reaction would show exactly what her role would have been in Henry's life. Jo's not the type to say, "you poor man," or "you're nuts," but I would have liked to have known what her next words would have been after hearing the long story.

A part of me wants to think Henry told her the truth because after her no longer trusting him, I doubt he could lie after that. However, there's that nagging side of me that says he would keep up the charade and just say they did an old theme picture. The series finale says the former, but the season finale says the latter. Former it is then.

It was mighty clever what Henry did to Adam in the end--paralyzing him so he can only think and never move. Henry didn't know it was permanent or not, but since it's the series finale, we're going with it was and Adam was no longer a threat anymore.

This show was fun while it lasted. I did watch New Amsterdam back in the day, but this was done way better and I cared for the characters more. If the show lived to its 10th season, I'm sure we would have seen Jo and Henry together and possibly Abe dying during the series finale with a smile on his face knowing that his father would be taken cared of once he's gone. It would have been bitter sweet. I never really cared why he's immortal or what made him so. Maybe some people just are. Moral of the story: YOLO so enjoy it, even if it is forever.

Luv ya,

P.S. I almost forgot to say I loved how both Henry and Jo already had been with the love of their lives. Their story would have been about what happens after you lose that person and I think that separates them from other lead couples. It was refreshing to see something different.

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