Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Person Of Interest Season 4 Finale Review

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Samaritan is at work! She's trying to cancel my show. Luckily for us, Person of Interest has been renewed, but there's a catch. There will only be 13 episodes next season instead of the usual 22. I'm just happy the show was renewed. I don't really care about episode count all that much because it's not about quantity, but quality. So if they can do the show just as great as it has been, then I don't mind. Besides, this gets rid of all those filler episodes I don't really enjoy. This also means that POI is more likely going down the rabbit hole and becoming more a serial series, meaning there will be less cases-of-the-week, which I also do not mind because I'm a serial girl. We still don't know if season 5 will be its last, but fans are skeptical. If next season is its last, then I agree with fans that say they should announce it so writers can prepare for an end and we fans can get a conclusion to a great story. It seems like all my favorite shows only last 5 or 4 seasons (Nikita, Fringe, Chuck).

I wouldn't mind if next season was its last, after all what is there left to do after killing off the other god in the game? However, this season has been great and I dubbed POI as my best network television show this season, so if its still great in season 5, I don't see why they shouldn't continue (quality-wise, not rating-wise). I also hope this means Sarah Shahi comes back sooner. With that said, let's get into the season 4 finale.

Harold and Root go on a mission to help save The Machine. This show does an amazing job at planning. They used what they obtained in other episodes to help The Machine now. So the case and the algorithm that Caleb, including Project X, created were both used to help The Machine stay alive. I loved the moment when Caleb just hands over the algorithm to Harold without a thought because Harold saved his life back in season 2.

This is the 1st time I can remember that Harold had to trust The Machine to save John, which of course, she did. Fusco was released with the help of Harper and he came back with some of his friends to take arrest Dominic and Elias, but by that time it was already easy since John took out most of Dominic's goons with the help of The Machine. Elias must have 50 backup up plans for every plan because he always walks away free, but it doesn't last long because Samaritan isn't putting up with this nonsense like The Machine has. Samaritan wants control and to things she can't, she kills. Bye-bye Dominic and bye-bye Elias. I'm just glad Fusco isn't dead because I seriously thought he was going to die in this finale if someone had to. Some people think Elias is still alive. I don't know about you, but he looked pretty dead to me and I don't think Samaritan would have let him go like that if she thought he was still alive. However, now that I went over that scene again, he just may be alive.

The Wire strikes again! Isn't it really sad that if it weren't for this show, I would have never remembered it was Cinco de Mayo? Anyway, Control was trying to gain control of Samaritan. Now they know the bitch can't be trusted. Sending memos and whatnot without permission. Tsk, tsk. But it was all a ruse, a test that Control failed. Now the chick is going where no chick has ever gone before and I have no idea where that is. Corrections was code for kill people I can't control.

Still waiting for this to happen.

The Machine Team walk away from this mess, but they lose The Machine. No, it's not dead, but they won't be able to talk to it like they once did. The Machine is now blind. Now our team has to do everything on their own and I don't see how they can do that when they relied on it for so long. It's like The Machine is playing blind against Samaritan in chess. It's just not fair.

I did like the ending when The Machine is talking to Harold. I think this will be remembered as the moment Harold saw The Machine as a thing that actually cares and realized that he too cares for his creation. After writing that sentence, I now sound crazy, but in the world of POI, aren't we all? I mean, it did sound crazy after all when Harold tried to explain his situation to a psyche.

Now there has been some complaints about this season stating that it's been too much about the war and not enough about the people in the game. I think that's complete BS especially after watching the recent episodes focusing on John accepting others' help, Harold caring for The Machine, and Root caring for Shaw. Hell, they even made the The Machine more human. What I do understand is people feeling frustrated over The Machine Team losing all the time. That's pretty much true. They didn't win against the bad guys as much, but in the show's defense, it did warn us. During the parley between Samaritan and The Machine, Samaritan told The Machine it can't win and The Machine agreed, so obviously they weren't going to win that much ground this season, but maybe next season will be different. I seriously can't think how they can stoop any lower other than flat out dying.

Next season, The Machine FTW!

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