Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Previously On Tuesday...

Hey People,

I think this will be the last Tuesday for awhile since all my Tuesday shows are on break. Hell, I think I only have Saturdays (that will last only 2 more weeks) and Sundays left. I need a break anyway.

S3 E22
Something must have happened on CPD because I thought Casey and Voight were on good terms again. Anyway, CPD needs Casey to go undercover and get close to the guy that hired him as a constructor. Apparently, he helps smuggle European women against their will into the country and make them strip or more. Casey has a bug on his phone to listen in and we were left with the guys taking his phone. I'm pretty sure they're just going to turn it off as a procedure.

There was a huge rift between Truck and Squad over Otis accusing Rice of ducking. I didn't think things would get so out of hand, but Truck needed to understand that Squad should be respected for what they do and Severide saving them from a moving truck proved that. Severide had to ask Rice if his mask really was malfunctioning that day and now there is a rift between Rice and Severide.

I knew I would love Chili and for some damn reason I teared up at her and Herrmann's conversation of how Herrmann will have her back as well as back her financially because he believes in her. That was a cute father and daughter moment.

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