Monday, July 20, 2015

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S3 E6
Last week it was one huge party and basically everyone that has some sort of connection with Callie was there. It was her birthday after all. We briefly got to see Stef and Lana in therapy. I really don't even understand why they're going to therapy in the first place. There are way worse couples in more horrific situations who need it more. They were supposed to make a hate list for homework. Yes, I'm calling it a hate list like Stef said because that's what it was, but I also agree with Lana about the reason behind the hate list was for them to realize they don't hate each other at all. So I hope they end this nonsense of  needing therapy.

Jude planned Callie's birthday party and although the party wasn't what she wanted, she appreciated the gesture from her little brother. A little upset Connor wasn't around for it.

Brandon and AJ were at each other's throats again. Brandon was scolded in front of everyone, but he deserved it. He stole AJ's phone! It doesn't matter if his suspicions were right about AJ being in contact with his brother because he stole a phone. I still think Brandon was jealous and in a way he sort of admitted he was to Mike. Remember, Mike doesn't visit him as much as he does AJ. Hopefully, Mike's talk with Brandon will cool things down. AJ told Mike Brandon was right in his allegations and all Mike asked of AJ is to keep him in the loop.

Mariana finally told Callie she slept with Wyatt, actually, it was more like Wyatt told Callie and Mariana confirmed it. I agree with Wyatt, Callie really has no right to be mad here. She's the one that broke it off with Wyatt, but she is also right and being weird-ed out by the situation. However, it is selfish of her to deny them the right to date so hopefully the feud is over and done with now that the cat is out of the bag. I'm pretty sure it is since Callie still plans to share a car with Mariana.

Speaking of the car Robert bought Callie, Robert had reconcile with Sophia, who finally realized her father is human and has made a mistake as Stef put it. I think Sophia and Robert will be better now, but I would totally be hating my father too if he ever did that to my mother, so I can't hate on her for felling that way. Everything comes full circle when Stef apologizes to Robert for blackmailing him about his affair.

Now about that kiss between Callie and AJ. I'm just not feeling them and neither is Stef with that look upon her face. It was worth a thousand and one words I tell you. I actually started laughing when I saw her face.

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