Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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S2 E4
Again, I'm just waiting for something big time and son from another mother isn't it. Last week Jamal found out he had a son from a romance well before his marriage. It was a Romeo & Juliet story. He was Al-Fayeed and she was a Rashid. They produced a boy that would grow up to be an amazing man. I know he didn't want to choose sides, but I hope this isn't the last we've seen of him.

Barry is still in that little town and now is apparently going to stay there for 6 months to take care of a kid a mother left behind to go to Germany. But now the woman has been caught by Ihab. I don't know what he's thinking. It's one thing to go against your government and another to use innocent people. You lose all credibility when you do that. He's no better than the real ISIS and now I lost respect for his cause.

Molly and Sam are coming to Abbudin just so Sam can get his inheritance. We all know this isn't going to go well and the evil side of me hopes they don't make it alive. You should know already I'm not a big fan of Molly and Sam.

S1 E2
I wasn't too sure if I was going to add this on my list, but after the ending last week, how could I not?

Rachael was the victim of the week and I liked Rachael for the brief time we have known. I didn't think she deserved to die. But the show must go on. Aubrey deals with the lost of her girlfriend and Emma realizes that bystanders are part of the problem when it comes to bullying.

Noah might have lost his v-card. They didn't show it so unless he confirms, it's still up in the air for me. As for Brooke, she's still doing the teacher. I really hope they expand on her character because she's a board right now.

I actually prefer Will over Kieran. I hate guys like Kieran, they add nothing for me. I'm always wanting them to do something, but all they do is watch people. As annoying as Will is and the fact that he's a cheater on top of it, doesn't make me like him more. Actually now that I think about, I hope Emma doesn't get with any of these guys.

Who's the next victim? I hope it's the teacher. He needs to die.

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