Saturday, August 15, 2015

Power Season 2 Finale Review

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So all's well that ends well, sort of. The season finale wasn't anything special, but it does set things up for the next season. For our 2 love birds, they do get back together and I'm glad the show didn't dwell on them being apart because we all know they would eventually, so I'm glad the show didn't waste time on getting them together. Too bad they both have people coming after them. Lobos is coming after Ghost and Greg is coming after Angela. I doubt Tommy is going to kill Jamie, but I don't think he's smart enough to outwit Lobos. Maybe he'll go to Jamie or Tasha for help. As for Angela, Greg won't stop until she loses everything, but I'm pretty sure Jamie won't let that happen.

I wasn't surprised with the reveal that Ghost was killing everyone. I knew it was him because who else would benefit other than a newcomer? However, I was surprised that he didn't kill Ruiz, but I suspect it's because the FEDs were watching his daughter so she could testify and it would start something up if he did kill him.

Tasha didn't play that big of a part in the finale and I really don't know what they plan to do with her in the future. Now that Shawn is dead, she has no one to romance and Jamie didn't really care that she was sleeping with him, but he does blame her and Kanan for messing with the boy's head. Maybe she'll go the lesbian route and she'll start sexing her friend, LaKeisha. I really am just throwing ideas out there.

Tommy is fed up with Jamie's lies, but like I said before, I don't think he'll rat on him. However, his life will become a bit more difficult now that Holly is back in the picture again. He did say that he wanted to buy out Ghost. I doubt it'll happen now, but the man can dream.

How did I forget to mention KANAN IS DEAD! That was an awesome fight, I must say. I was scared for Ghost because Kanan is just as muscular as he is. But he definitely needed to die. He killed his own son. I can understand Dre switching sides. Not once, but twice they hit us with a fake out. He's with Kanan helped him in jail, no Jamie he wants out of this type of life for his daughter, no Kanan because he's loyal, no Jamie because Kanan killed his own son the man is crazy. I'm just glad it wasn't your regular fake out.

Jamie may have gotten the girl and his dream club, and we can't forget about the kids, but something tells me Ghost isn't dead just yet. There's always something pulling him back into that life.

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