Sunday, August 16, 2015

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S1 E7
So last time, both families were living under one roof. As much as I hate Joe, who is more of a fuck up every time I see him on the screen, he was there too. Although I would much rather have him sleeping at his friend's house. George died this episode and I will miss him. He taught Niska some important things, like not killing people. This also means that Odi is dead as well. I liked Odi. He was repetitive, but meant sweet.

Max was severally damage and is dying. I'm not sure if he will die but I hope not. I'm pretty sure Leo and Mattie are feeling each other and as much as Mattie annoys the shit out of me, I approve anything happens between them. Mia is trying to mend Joe and Laura's relationship, but I think that ship has sailed. We find out that Fred is the designated driver of the group and that Karen was created by David to replace his wife. She would love to kill herself but a root in her programming tells her she can't. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Karen called the cops on the houses because she believes none of them should exist. She was born unwanted and because of her experience, she thinks Leo & pals should procreate.

I just found this show and now we're already at the season finale. As far as season finales go, I would file this under the calm before the storm. Let's just say things are going to be very interesting next season depending on what a certain "person" does. I swear I was right about the black quota that's all I'm saying. Check back for the review.

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