Saturday, August 8, 2015

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S2 E8
Well that was an exciting hour of television. Finally the moment has arrived. Jamie and Angela, both know the truth now. So where do we go from here? Tommy is in jail, Lobos is finally caught, and Ghost's dealers have turned against him. I'm looking forward to see what happens after the "climax". Let's not forget that Tommy knows everything about Angela and Jamie, but there is no way he would give up Jamie, right?

Even though everything is out in the open between Jamie and Angela, there is still other forces other than lies that will get in their way. Shawn knows the truth about Jamie sending Kanan to jail and has volunteered to kill Jamie. But he's not the only one who wanted to kill Ghost. Lobos was also planning to kill Jamie and even set the room Dexter style as a nice setting for his dead body. Angela definitely saved Jamie from his death, so now I wonder who can James run to. He can't go to Lobos, Tommy, or Kanan. Tasha doesn't want his ass either now that she's with Shawn. I think the only person he can run to and wants to run to is Angela, even if she did set him up. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Lucky for you, I have already watched the new episode tonight and I can tell you that a major character will die tonight. It's kind of sad and disturbing at the same time. As for Angela and Jamie, let's just say they're both on denial when it comes to their 5 stages of grief, but by the end of the episode Angela is straight up on anger.

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