Monday, August 10, 2015

Will You Be My Servant? (25)

Sakiko: Can I help you?
Sakiko: Look, I have no idea what you are saying or trying to say or even if you’re just giving me the evil stare, but if you’re looking for Natsue, I have no idea where she is. I know shocking, but true.
Sakiko: My best bet, try the courtyard.
Sakiko: Still not moving huh?
Sakiko: Guess not. Well nice chatting with you, but if you’re not leaving, then I will.
Itoe: <grabs Sakiko and drags her down the hallway>
Sakiko: Someone save me! Help ME!!!!
Rumi: Huh?
Sakiko: Rumi! Rumi, help me!
Rumi: What did you—?
Kimi: We need to talk.
Sakiko: Rumi do something!
Kimi: Maybe this was a mistake.
Rumi: No! It’s fine.
Sakiko: Help! Somebody…!
Rumi: If Itoe is dragging Sakiko, then it’s probably for a good reason. Plus, I know Itoe wouldn’t hurt her. I think. What did you want to—?
Kimi: Not here. There’s a closet near the stairs in the Servant section. I’ll meet you in 5 minutes.
Sakiko: Owww, my head! Where am I and why can’t I see anything? Am I blind? I can’t see! I can’t see!
Itoe: <Lights a candle>
Sakiko: This just got a thousand times creepier. I’m flattered. Really I am, but if you were going for romance, you went completely the opposite way.
Sakiko: And just to let you know, you’re not my type. Even if you were, don’t you think I can do better? So let’s not make this more awkward than it already is. I’m just going to leave.
Itoe: Grrrrrr…
Sakiko: Or stay. I can stay. I like being in a room with candlelight and a crazy person. It’s a dream come true.
Sakiko: Ow! Is that a bump on my head?
Itoe: <Smacks a notebook on the table between them>
Sakiko: Did you forget to do your homework? Really Itoe if you wanted to copy all you had to do was ask. You really didn’t have to trouble yourself dragging me here in the dark alone with just you. Really, you shouldn’t have.
Itoe: <Smacks a pen next to the notebook>
Sakiko: You know what? I just realized I don’t have my homework with me. Dumb me. I forget it back in the classroom. I’ll just go back and get it real quick. You won’t even notice I’m gone.
Itoe: Grrr…
Sakiko: Or I can just stay here with you.
Itoe: <Opens the notebook and starts drawing>
Sakiko: And just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder.
Itoe: <Itoe rips out the paper she was drawing on and slides it to Sakiko>
Sakiko: What is it?
Itoe: <Slides it further>
Sakiko: Hey you drew a picture of me. Not bad. Oh and you drew a picture of yourself except you didn’t get the eyes right. Your eyes are more dark and evil and soulless.
Itoe: Grrr…
Sakiko: Oh I see you drew a picture of me being dragged by you. By the way, not fun, at all. This next picture, I don’t understand.
Itoe: <Itoe draws an arrow to make it clearer>
Sakiko: Do you mean… that’s why I have a bump on my head!? You dragged me into a wall while turning a corner!?
Itoe: Grrr…
Sakiko: It’s cool. It happens. I mean this happens to me all the time. I’m always in and out of consciousness. So, why am I here?
Itoe: <Itoe starts drawing another picture in her notebook>
Sakiko: What am I doing here? I should just make a run for it. But I have no idea where I am and I’m pretty sure she would catch me with those quick werewolf skills she has. Either way I see me dying. Damn it Rumi why didn’t you help me!?
Itoe: <Rips out another page and slides it across the table>
Sakiko: It’s Natsue, but then it’s not Natsue. I’ve never seen Natsue sad and what’s with all the question marks?
Itoe: <Itoe points to Natsue and then to a question mark>
Sakiko: Wait, are you asking me, why Natsue is sad.
Itoe: <Nods>
Sakiko: I didn’t even know she was sad. Are you sure because she was fine with me last weekend?
Itoe: <Nods>
Sakiko: I didn’t know. What kind of Master am I if I didn’t know Natsue was unhappy? 

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