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S2 E7
Ugh Rafael, I had hope in you and you let me down. It's not the fact that you blamed Michael because there is a clear reason why you did it--you blamed him for letting Nadine go who was involved with the kidnapping of Mateo--it's the fact that you lied about it. Now I feel like Jane should just be with someone not named Michael or Rafael. Maybe someone named Leo or Don (get it?). Some people (including my friend) wants Jane to hook up with her professor or should I say adviser? I don't really care at this moment in time to be perfectly honest. At least Jane got over her fear of leaving her child with someone who isn't family.

Actually, the only relationship that I'm rooting for right now is for Jane and Petra. They were soooooo close to becoming friends and then at the last second Petra's mom had to ruin. A Weekend at Bernie's, really people? At least the guy is buried somewhere. I just hope Petra and Jane can have a real shot at becoming friends again.

Xiomara's song was picked for a theme song and now that we've heard from everyone how great it is I want to hear it too. Jane wasn't the only one to get over a fear. Rogelio got over his fear of living like a normal person because he realized that love he has from his family will get him through anything. I just have to add that what he did for Xiomara with degrading himself in front of his nemesis so Xo could have her theme song title back was cute of Rogelio.

As for Michael, well wasn't he as cold as ever to Jane at the store. But anyway, it turns out that Michael didn't lose his job after all. He just went undercover and Nadine died during his operation. I'm pretty sure Nadine died because the writers felt she had no purpose anymore. She served her purpose as far as I'm concerned. Michael and his new partner uncovered a huge secret though. Lusia's mother is a drug lord named Mutter. So let me get this straight. Luisa thought her mother died by committing murder but she didn't. She faked her death so she could run a ring. Luisa's ex-girlfriend, Rose aka Sin Rostro, is also a drug leader and is at war with Mutter. Rose killed her father, Luisa is an alcoholic, and Rafael's mother walked away from the family. This family is really fucked up. No one wonder Wesley wrote a expose on them, but he's still an ass for doing so and I hope they do win the defamation case. This kind of is Jane's fault so I wonder if she will try to fix the situation.

No house for the love birds just yet.

Again, Congrats to Gina Rodriguez for the Golden Globe nominee for Best Actress in a Comedy for the second time in a row.

P.S. See people, it wasn't just one big commercial for Target. They spent less than 10 minutes for that scene. Have some faith people.

S1 E7
Of course, the moment Supergirl doesn't have her powers, and earthquake happens. She had to wait until they returned, but it was a good lesson for her to learn. You can't save everyone. People are going to die even if you have superpowers, but that doesn't mean you give up trying. There are heroes everyday and they're human, so she shouldn't think just because she didn't have superpowers that she couldn't save people anymore. Supergirl gets her powers in the end anyway just in time to save Jimmy.

Alex was busy trying to find out Hank Henshaw knew about her father's death while dealing with the fact that an alien escaped his cell. Turns out that Hank isn't really Hank. He's the last survivor of his planet, Mars. He was a refugee and Alex's father helped save him but in doing so he died in the process. Hank made a promise to Alex's father that he would take care of his daughter and that's why Alex was recruited into the DEO. So basically, Hank has all the powers of Supergirl and then some, at least that's what I read.

Give it up to Winn to tell it like it is. Winn tells Kara that she shouldn't be smitten by a guy who has a girlfriend. Now of course Winn was majorly jealous, but he was also right. To me it has nothing to do with the fact that she's a superhero so it means she can't have a normal life. Her cousin and Lois Lane kind of ruin his theory, but messing with someone who has a girlfriend already who he's about to move in with should be a huge no no on her list. I'm just saying.

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