Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lives Claimed

Hey People,

Do or Die Week is over and these are lives that were claimed:

I liked Red Band Society because it had heart and I would have continued on with it if it weren't for ratings. I guess people don't want to watch sick kids every week. The ratings are really horrible, I would argue so bad that it will take a miracle to save it. I can just tell there won't be a 2nd season and you know I don't like cliffhangers so I have to say goodbye to this show.
The Mysteries of Laura was also another show that I did like. I continued watching because it was funny. I mean really funny. Surprised that it isn't a B99 type show. Anyway, you know I'm not a fan of procedural and I thought that's all this show is going to ever be so I dropped it. However, if it does make it to it's 2nd season, someone let me know if they create some mythology for this show. I will definitely come back if they do.
They said that if you liked The Good Wife, then you will definitely like this show. The thing is I didn't. My parents seem to like it though. I don't know I just don't like being reminded or real life problems watching a TV. TGW to me is more personal and mythological in its approach and I know it wasn't always like that (TGW started as a procedural), but it was always about Alicia and her personal life with a mix of the case of the week. Madam Secretary is more case of the week and a little bit of mythology which seems to me will take forever to dive into more. I'll probably continue to watch because my parents watch, but I don't think it's worth writing about. That could change though.
 Scorpion is a great show, I just hate all the characters in it. There's not one single character that I care about. If they all burned in a fire, I would say, "Who do we have as replacements?" That's why this show is not for me. I think the concept is great except for "the interpreter" I think she's useless. There's not one thing she can do that "the behaviorist" couldn't do better. This show is actually doing great in ratings so it's not going anywhere I just don't care to see it.
I just wrote a review about this show as to why I think it should be passed, but I'll just some it up for you. I was really looking forward to Stalker. However, I was totally let down by it. I knew the new detective was stalking his family and the case of the week was kind of boring to watch to be honest. The only thing I really liked was Maggie Q's character getting a new stalker that's going to be interesting. I'm actually shocked how I wasn't shocked in the premiere since this is a Kevin Williamson show. You think I would be a little bit scared, but I wasn't at all. I just wasn't impressed enough during the premiere to continue.

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