Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Recap

Hey People,

Another one bites the dust.

So I guess this poster is right. He really is dead. So now what? He has to report to some woman he just met? And I thought she was supposed to answer his questions.

The Sheriff is still a drunk, but I totally saw him hitting on Elaine coming. However, I did not predict his mother slapping him out of his state. It's so great to see Michelle Fairley back on TV again. Last time I saw her, her throat was being cut open--red wedding.

So what happened to Bellamy in his lost week? Did they probe and test him? And where are the others and what are they doing to them?

Maybe we'll get more answers from that weirdo woman.

I'm pulling the cord on this show. Why? Well because it's too political. I actually don't mind watching politics, but I don't really want to be reminded when I watch my shows. Yes you could argue that The Good Wife is political too, but it is also more personal and I would say it's way more personal than political. I can't say the same thing about Madam Secretary.

TGW didn't start out that great either it was a procedural as well, but nowadays I just don't have time to nurse a show. It'll still probably play throughout the house since my parents watch, but I won't be. At least I will know if it gets good or not.

Quick summary of last episode: they stopped a Benghazi from happening and got their man out before he was killed and at home her college daughter came home because of pressure from school.

The only thing I liked about this show is the "accident" and that's just not enough for me to stay.

Luv ya,

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