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Hey People,

So I have a lot of shows on Tuesday now and it doesn't help that 4 of them are on at the same time.

S1 E6
I was confused for a minute if Walker really did take Wolfe's power or at least some of it, but Royalle confirmed that he did indeed take it that's why he's trying to extract sway from users. Sway is too powerful of a drug.

Deena is still mad about Walker locking her up in a cell and the fact he took sway. She needs to trust her partner because her father basically fucked over his partner and got him killed.

I've been calling him the dead detective's son because I couldn't remember his name and now that I know it's Krispin, I think I'll continue using dead detective's son. He sleeps with annoying girl, well there's a shocker, but the honeymoon ends rather quick when annoying girl finds out the video they taped earlier was released and Chaotic Chick released it making it seem like the hero, who was trying to stop them from tagging, killed the people in the car accident. Annoying girl wasn't having any of it even though she sampled a few moments before.

Retro Girl figures out Walker is the one who took Wolfe down and since Triphammer's main goal in life is to get drunk, he tells a story about the Black Swan. Now, Retro Girl and Walker have to figure out what that is. Then all of a sudden Wolfe appears on TV giving a statement of how he wants to be drained completely because it's the only way for people to be safe. All I can think about is what is Wolfe up to and why doesn't Walker know he has powers? Did it wore off? Maybe that's why he was asking Trippy all those questions that he was too drunk to answer. Also, Triphammer is trying to get another Drainer to work at the police station, but for some reason it's not woring. Retro girl doesn't like the idea of the Drainer. She thinks it's a ticking time bomb. If I had to guess, the Black Swan is a permanent drainer, which is exactly what Wolfe would be looking for.

S2 E1
I love how you can tell that time has passed between the last episode and this one based on everyone's hair being longer and how Armadillo is taller than Carter now.

I'm a little upset with myself that I got the theory wrong, but in my defense, I did mention the theory that turned out to be true. Lori is the crazy egg donor lady that now wants her kids back and thinks abducting one of them to get the attention of the other will work. She does not think her plans through. It's anonymous for a reason lady.

Lori ends up going to jail and Carter and Taylor are safe at home, but everything has changed. Now the truth is out and Taylor needs some time to deal with her biological mother being a psycho. On the plus side, Elizabeth is the only mother Taylor knows and she's the only one Carter wants. I love that line.

Max is back and he's here to stay! I'm happy that Maylor is back on, but I have to say, I thought their breakup and makeup was too quick. Why did Max change his mind all of a sudden? He's been dealing a lot with his accident, but he seems very distant from Taylor. When a woman invites you to her room and a guy says no, you know something's up.

S1 E19
Ugh, why is Jo still going out with that rich loser? She can do so much better. Anyway, he wasn't around much so I really shouldn't complain. The case-of-the-week involved a cold case of a woman who was stuck in a wall for 30 something years and is finally found. Turns out she had some rockers child and didn't want to burden the rocker because she wanted him to focus on his career, but then she changed her mind and did want to burden him, but the man who helped her get sober and clean didn't want her to go back to the rocker and so he killed her and kept the child. The rocker was sent to jail for the murder because everyone thought he did it.

Henry is dealing with his abandonment issues. We find out that Abigail all of a sudden left Henry and Henry was determined to find her, but Abe told Henry to move on after a year of her missing. But by the end of the episode, we find out Abe is just like his father. He hasn't stopped looking for his mother.

Some people are speculating that Abigail is immortal based on nothing. I don't see the show going there, but who am I to say it can't happen. The Abigail mystery will be resolved by the end of the season.

S3 E18
I will never doubt my theory again. Brett and Otis might actually get together. For some reason, I'm more excited over the prospect of them than I ever was with Cruz and Brett. I love how Otis concluded that he was in love with Brett. I feel like Otis pining over Brett is going to be hysterical. Though I was thrown when Cruz broke up with Brett, but does it really matter who broke up with whom? Pride is a funny thing.

Peter Mills is fit for squad once again, but I doubt he will get it. I like Rice and I love Warren Christie so I hope he stays on the show. I guess it all depends on if viewers want Rice to stay because I know Christie wants to stay. Maybe this will create drama for Mills on whether he should stay in Chicago and keep the job he doesn't want or work in the family restaurant in North Carolina, which he also wouldn't want.

We found a lot out about Severide. His father slept with his teacher in high school. His mother checked into what I'm guessing is a mental facility and so with nowhere to go, Severide stayed with a friend's family. The thing is once senior year started, he acted like he didn't know the girl, who talked to her parents for him to stay with them. They haven't been the same since. Now the girl works for Chicago Med and Severide is trying to make up for lost time. We already know a romance will start soon with these, but I'm actually enjoying their friendship and think they shouldn't go there. Severide needs a friend since Shay died and I guess I'm still holding out for his wife to come back too.

But the main focus of the episode was Herrmann and how he hates parents who abuse/neglect their children. A father, who started a fire with a crack pipe, came away unscathed, but his young son died at the end of the episode. So now he shouldn't be charged with just arsonist and child endangerment, but you can add murderer to the list as well. This case reminds me of a real life situation where the father let his baby of a son smoke. It's true what they say, some parents shouldn't be parents.

Tonight's eppy I believe is the backdoor pilot of Chicago Med. If all goes well, it will be another spin-off for NBC.

S4 E18
Oh no, KISS OF DEATH! Anytime there's a kiss on this show, especially from John, the woman he kisses will end up dead. Iris is going to die y'all. But before I dive into this mess, let's go over the case.

We had the pleasure of seeing Katheryn Winnick (Bones, Vikings) playing as Frankie and man was she awesome. I would totally be on board if they brought her into the show full-time or even part-time (I mean girl has a black belt). The case wasn't that unique--Frankie wanted revenge for the killing of her brother--but the ending was. Note to self: when making deals, make sure to listen to the wording of phrases and never trust Harper. In the end, the bad guys were caught and as much as Frankie likes the idea of Reese in handcuffs, she knew he was a taken lad.

Speaking of Harper, The Machine has her on speed dial. Harper is working for The Machine and she doesn't even know it.

As for Finch and Root, Finch was going on a date with conference woman, who works for Samaritan. She was going to implement her code into Samaritan, but Finch created a backdoor in Hong Kong in her code so they could kill Samaritan from within. The thing is once Finch turns it on, his cover would be blown and he would end up dead. Root can't handle another death in her family, not after Shaw, so she decides to kill the woman. Finch doesn't want another death on his hands so he takes poison that Root was going to kill the woman with. Root backs down from her killing plans and somehow Finch makes it to the hospital in less than 10 mins. Root instead discredits the woman's work and frames Finch so the woman wouldn't want to continue seeing Finch anymore. Finch said he needs time to get over what Root would have done and Root leaves. Hopefully, Root can come back sooner rather than later. I don't like it when both Root and Shaw are out of the picture.

As for John and Iris, Iris you are a dead woman walking. Iris confesses her feelings for John even though she's not supposed to have any because he's her patient, which is why she referred him to another therapist, but chick don't care. She basically said fuck it and kissed John anyway and now she's going to die.

I swear, anytime I finish an episode, I just want to watch the next one right after. Too bad I can't because I watch it weekly. This is such a binge worthy show. Anyway, there were some people who didn't feel for this episode. I wasn't one of them, but they did have some good points. The Root and Finch situation was a bit of a stretch. Root killing someone to save someone she cares about was understandable especially since what has happened this season, but Finch taking poison is just something that Finch wouldn't do even to prevent someone he cared about from dying. Some people don't like Harper. I get that, but Harper does what's best for Harper not what's great for the world and I don't think people should hate on her for that. Now some say they felt more chemistry with Frankie than they ever felt for Iris. This I don't agree with. Frankie and John would have seemed rushed to me but Iris had a slow build and I like relationships like that. However, now I'm skeptical about Iris because some people think she's a Samaritan operative and if she was that would have been something I did not foresee. It would be interesting if she was, but oh so sad for John.

Luv ya,

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