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If you want my quick reviews of The Blindspot and Minority Report, I suggest you click here. Otherwise, continue your reading of my post. It's great to be back with weekly recaps.

S8 E1
The premiere episode was like the new poster of Castle--I liked it and hated it at the same time. I like the poster and all, they look great, but it's just old-hashed photos from a previous season. Same with the season 8 premiere, they rehashed another story-line of a partner gone missing and didn't tell the other partner anything. Like what most people are bringing up, why do they keep hiding huge secrets from each other?

I thought it was the most out there plot, but then I realized that nothing can compare to last year's plot with Castle MIA and someway, somehow saved thousands of lives. So it doesn't win the crazy plot award; however, I must admit that I didn't know Stana Katic couldn't be in the show as much for a few episodes because she's working on a movie. I kept on wondering why she was missing so much on the show. This movie better be good because the plot is suffering on Castle.

I don't want to be all negative so let me just say this plot does have potential to be great depending on how they present the reason behind Beckett's current mystery. We're still not sure why Beckett kept it a secret. All we know is that Beckett's team from when she worked as a special investigator are all dead now and she's the last survivor. We don't know why people are after her, we don't know why she's hanging out with some guy, and we don't know why she has to be in hiding and not tell anyone why she's hiding. As long as the story makes sense, I don't mind taking the journey and it seems like it will if they continue down the path I think they're going. It would explain why Beckett had to keep everything a secret because of her time working for the Attorney General, so I'll just wait to see what happens tonight to make my final decision on this.

In other news, Alexis is now solving cases by herself, which means she'll be daddy's little helper at his PI business. Speaking of helper, Hayley Shipton looks like she'll be Castle's new crime solving partner. Some people already hate her, but as of right now, I don't mind her. She can't be Beckett-like because then people would think she's a Beckett substitute or worse that Castle will eventually cheat on Beckett, which was what most people were worrying about over the summer (I didn't feel any sexual chemistry between them). But, they went with the opposite type of characteristics, a person who bends the rules and believes the ends justifies the means, as to Beckett's straight by the book. I mean she is a Beckett substitute anyway since Beckett is now the captain and will be working at her desk than out in the field. I feel like the writers couldn't avoid this bad situation. They needed to progress the story, but that meant that Castle and Beckett couldn't be crime partners anymore since a promotion for Beckett meant desk bound. I wouldn't know how to write this season since the two leads won't be around each other as much. Although, I always found it hard to believe that anyone would want to be around their spouse 24/7 like they are. So I'm looking forward to this season just to see where they take things. We have new show leaders than last year (thank god) and I have to say, I really enjoyed the action from last week. Let's hope they keep it up tonight.

P.S. I don't see how spiders are psychological torture unless they were poisonous which they weren't. Does Castle have arachnophobia? It's a common phobia, but still the scene was stupid to me. He should have let the girl use her knife. BTW, I'm gong to miss that girl. She was hardcore and I liked it.
P.P.S. Funny story, I just watched The Player and saw the girl again, but she just ends up dead, again. Or does she?

S1 E1
If you haven't seen Blindspot, I highly suggest you give it a try because it is definitely worth your time.

I wrote a short review for it over the summer. It was definitely my favorite leaked show by a mile. It premiered very well last week, so there will be no quick to cancellation for it.

I loved it and can't wait to see more tonight.

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