Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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S2 E11
So that just happened. Backup came at the last minute and Barry was saved at the last minute. At first, I was yelling at Molly asking why was she telling everyone that Barry is alive. Does she not know the element of surprise? But it turns out people needed to know so everyone except Jamal would want to save the Red Hand more.

Jamal is still acting crazy, but at least now his family (Leila, Ahmed, and Rami) are all plotting against him.

Someway, somehow Ihab Rashid survived. I kind of wanted him dead because I don't care if he'll be willing to convert to Barry's side now that his "friend" tried to kill him. He seems nonredeemable to me now.

The season finale is tonight, so make sure you watch and come back to read my review of it later.

P.S. Did you see the look on Daliyah's face when Sammy mentioned how he can't wait to see the look of his father's face when Barry finally reunites with him and his mother? On rare occasions I do look forward to love-triangles. This is one of those times.

S1 E9
Let's see...Branson escaped and Kieran turned into suspect #1 because of the video of him and Nina being together, the night before she was killed and Piper stating that Brandon James's mother identified Kieran as the guy who came to visit her.

With each episode that I watch, it looks more and more like Piper is behind it all. She may not be alone like I stated in my last theory, but she's definitely involved, I think. I'm pretty sure she's setting up Kieran to be the fall guy and helped Mr. Branson escape from prison before she went to Emma with the faux news about Kieran visiting James's mother. I'm not sure if Branson is involved, but I'm leaning more towards yes. Or maybe, Piper is Brandon James's son and just had a sex change. You never know people.

I believe this is the last episode of the season, meaning you can't miss it!

P.S. I almost forgot to say Clark was captured, but #whothefuckcares

Luv ya,

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